“Pallets are loaded. Fingers are Safe.”

If you have ever loaded a pallet with boxes, you know that the constant bending and stacking can be a real pain in the back.  Working hand-in-hand with our customer, Bishamon®, the finger guard for the EZ Loader® evolved from a flat disk, to the vacuum-formed finger guard shown in the video.  Located just under the spinning platform, these 43” polyethylene safety covers serve the import purpose of keeping fingers out of harm’s way.

The customer was looking for an economic solution.  Polyethylene was selected for its flexibility and low cost.  After forming, parts are moved to the CNC machine for fast and accurate trimming.

As the parts are bulky and easily damaged in transportation to the factory, custom shipping cradles were developed to keep the product safe during the short trip to the Bishamon factory.

We enjoy working with this local customer and look forward to a continued long and mutually beneficial relationship.


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