I just wanted to let you know that I have noticed your on time deliveries have been terrific! Please let your staff know that we appreciate their due diligence in making sure product is receiving on time as scheduled!
Dee Dee Haslam | Senior Buyer Hubbell Lighting Inc.
We got the tube today, awesome job! I had to do a double take to figure out where the bonding seam was, so we are very impressed. The flanges fit perfectly, and all the stainless steel sits flush, more so than we had anticipated. Good job! Thanks again for your patience with us, we will keep you on the books as our plastics guys!
The new globes have been installed and they are great. It's such a good match that I can't tell which is the new and which is the old. Your company have been great to work with and I appreciate it. I wish all companies were as accommodating. Thanks again for your help and we will certainly use you in the future when we need more!
Mary Ann Metzger
Good Morning, I would like to extend a thank you to you and your staff for your excellent quality work from start to finish! Not only did I receive prompt, courteous, professional customer service from my first phone call speaking to you regarding information I was trying to obtain to complete a project. I submitted you a photo with some dimensions I was working with and you whipped up exactly what I was looking for. I had to pay a few extra bucks for some specialized customized options I wanted but it was worth every penny!

I was sent updates and confirmations along the way regarding the process of my project and it's final completion for me to review before shipping out, that is just something you do not see many companies doing anymore. I received the packaged undamaged, packaged very well and the quality could not be any better!

I will be a returning customer as my project was a success, believe it or not without the hemispheres my project would not have been at all possible. I have submitted you a seperate e-mail containing the images of my final completed project ``Lamp`` please review and by all means if you would like to share them on your website under your customer projects section, feel free.

So once again, I thank you and your staff for offering me excellent customer service, pricing, prompt and safe shipping and unbeatable build quality. I will be a returning customer as I am trying to launch my lighting business very soon, until then Keep up the good work and may many other companies seek a lesson from yours!

Thank You,

Joseph Penny