Giant Snow Globes

Our Giant Snow Globes are visually impressive, with excellent optical properties that create a magically immersive environment. They’re highly transparent, allowing for a clear view of the contents within, and their curved shape allows for optimal viewing from many angles. Perfect for Christmas displays or museum exhibits, these giant snow globes are a must-have for creating an engaging, imaginative atmosphere during the holidays.

We make most of our Giant Snow Globes by chemically bonding two plastic hemispheres together, then sanding and polishing the seams. This allows us to build large Plastic Spheres that maintain good strength and structural integrity. If a hole is required, we can put the hole through the seam, or on the apex. The hole placement is determined if the seam is vertical or horizontal. The last step is packaging.

Our plastic spheres are most commonly constructed of either polycarbonate or acrylic.

To learn more about our hemispheres, please visit our Plastic Domes & Hemispheres page.

Giant Snow Globes Return Policy

If you are ordering a custom made Giant Snow Globe or we are modifying our stock product to suit your application, we will be unable to accept a return. To avoid problems, we suggest you fill out an RFQ or call us at 909-930-5535 to discuss your project.

Our Giant Snow Globes are a custom item and could take up to 3 weeks for us to complete. Please use our RFQ Form to request a quote for a Giant Snow Dome.


call us at 909-930-5535 to discuss your project, or:

Giant Snow Globes Build Process:


Half of a Giant Snow Globe Being Built


Giant Snow Globe after bonding two plastic hemispheres together, ready to be sanded.


Workers finishing up final touch up on Giant Snow Globe


Final Product with Christmas Tree Display

Plastic Sphere Construction Pros and Cons:

Method (2 piece)

Hemisphere (2 piece)


Visible Seams

Yes Yes Minimal


Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes

Overall Shape

Fair Very Good Very Good


Up to 92″
Call for pricing.
Up to 72″
Call for pricing.
6″ Sphere with 2.81″ opening / $25.62
8″ Sphere with 3-1/2″ opening / $31.55
10″ Sphere with 3-1/2″ opening / $41.71
12″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $43.14
14″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $66.94
16″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $77.02
18″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $110.66
20″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $148.94
22″ Sphere with 8-1/4″ opening / $223.26
24″ Sphere with 8-1/2″ opening / $554.23

Bonded Sphere Distortion Model

These illustrations show the contrasting side view of a symmetrical hemisphere vs. a free-blown hemisphere. Also shown is a side profile of two free-blown plastic hemispheres combined to form a plastic sphere.

Hemisphere Shape with Tool

Free Blown Hemisphere Shape

Two Free-Blown Plastic Hemispheres

Our minimum order sizes are $50 for stock products, $200 for customized stock products, and $400 for custom orders.*

*Freight and tax are extra