“I Had No Idea You Guys Did All That”

Every one of our customers comes to us because they want one thing, and one thing only — their product: constructed correctly, delivered on time, for the promised price.

This makes sense.  But we do so much more than that.  Step into our shop, and you will see the variety of products and processes taking place in our facility.  We make giant aquariums, clean room cabinets, oversized props for movies, wrap around boat windows, lighting lenses in every shape and size, acrylic furniture, machine guards, displays, and much, much more. If you can imagine it [made out of plastic???], we can build it.

“Holy Cow!” you’ll exclaim, “I had no idea you guys did all that.”  It’s understandable; customers think of us as the supplier for what they specifically need.  After all, the lighting customer doesn’t often need a boat window.

Nonetheless, please take a tour of our facility, because you never know what your next project might be.


Bob Kaplan
President, COO and Tour Guide




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