How California Quality Plastics Helps B-Wave Use Tech To Increase Plant Yields

Biowave Mini

Biowave Mini

It may look like the neon-green cousin of R2-D2, the famous Star Wars droid, but the model DL-1000 “Mini” from B-Wave Technology is based on real science. This unique device produces subsonic, harmonic waves that stimulate plants’ CO2 intake, causing them to take in more nutrients and thereby providing higher yields—whether it’s basil, marijuana or zucchini.

The Mini provides about 500-square feet of coverage, and there are larger models available to treat bigger grow operations. While the sound waves emitted by the unit are inaudible to humans, they are said to also have the side benefit of reducing insect damage to crops.

How did California Quality Plastics get involved? B-Wave President, entrepreneur and inventor, Henry Adams, came to us a couple of years ago looking for help manufacturing the protective bell jar dome, which tops the device. He needed the piece manufactured to strict tolerances, and wanted to partner with a firm he could trust to do it right. Not only does California Quality Plastics have extensive experience and the specialized tools to create custom acrylic bell jars, but according to Henry, we’re easy to work with, too. “California Quality Plastics, and especially Mario, have been great to work with over the last few years. In a small start-up business such as ours, having a vendor who can deliver quality goods on time in correct quantities is invaluable. I look forward to increasing orders and models as B-Wave transforms Global Agriculture.”

California Quality Plastics manufactures the bell jars at our Ontario plant, where we also make custom retail displays, light covers, aquariums, and much more. Because we’re not a mega-factory, we’re able offer clients like B-Wave the responsiveness they need, such as shorter production lead times.

[callout1]”In a small start-up business such as ours, having a vendor who can deliver quality goods on time in correct quantities is invaluable.” – Henry Adams, B-Wave Founder and President[/callout1]

Henry says the Mini is enjoying strong sales worldwide, and yet another model is currently in the testing stage. With drought conditions in the West making smaller-scale agriculture operations more cost-effective, and recreational marijuana now legal in several states, B-Wave’s profit outlook is green indeed.

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