Collaboration Creates Underwater Observation Tube

The dive boat arrives at its destination and drifts slowly over a beautiful coral reef.  What if you could enjoy the coral reef up close, without having to get wet? Our customer, Harold Conyers, wanted to provide just that experience for his customers.

Harold asked us to make an underwater observation tube that was 27” diameter x 48” high cylinder with a curved bottom.  Because the project had a number of unique engineering challenges, CQP directly connected Harold with the design team at WFR Engineering.  To ensure the success of the underwater observation tube, WFR prepared solid models of the product and ran the designs through finite element analysis (FEA) studies to determine the appropriate material thickness required for the job.

It’s not uncommon for our customers to need assistance with the technical aspects of their jobs.  CQP and WFR have collaborated on projects for over 15 years, and WFR is very familiar with the materials and processes used in our shop.  They are the perfect resource for our customers who require technical or design assistance. To keep our customer’s costs under control, CQP puts the customer directly in contact with the team at WFR for the design and engineering phases of the job.

By using creativity, and by verifying the design through engineering studies, Harold and CQP brought the underwater observation tube to life.  In fact, the product is so unique Harold has applied for a patent to protect his idea.

The outcome of this project is a testament to teamwork and collaboration.  We hope you will enjoy the photos and videos as much as we enjoyed working on the project with Harold and WFR.

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