California Quality Plastics Expands E-Commerce Store

CQP - EcommerceJust last month, our Custom Products Division expanded their on-line store to include our popular clear acrylic cubes, acrylic balls, mini hemispheres, and acrylic cylinders.

We are happy to announce that we now stock hemispheres ranging in size from ½” diameter to 48”, solid, clear cubes from ¼” to 1”, solid clear acrylic balls from ¼” to 1” and clear acrylic cylinders from 8” to 36” in diameter.

In the past we did not stock cylinders and our dome selections were mostly limited to items of 6” or larger. Listening to our customers, however, led us to take the leap and we’ve added these new items to our on-line store.

Be sure to visit our store at

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