“At CQP, Customer Service is Everyone’s Job”

At California Quality Plastics, we understand that every employee works for you, our customer.  It makes no difference if it’s the shipper, fabricator, or your direct sales person; their actions will directly shape your experience and opinion of the company.  So, to put it simply, all employees at CQP are in the Customer Service Department. In fact, Customer Service is our Mission.

At times, customers have trouble getting what they need from other suppliers.  Frank does not work directly in sales, but as indicated in the testimonial below, he does work in “Customer Service.”

From: Suzanne

To: Frank Casas

Subject: Cones

“Hi Frank,  

Just want to let you know that I received the cones and I 

was thrilled with them.   It was heartwarming to finally have 

something delivered that was perfectly what I wanted.”  

Thank you so very much,


We look forward to helping you with your next project.


Bob Kaplan

President, COO and Customer Service




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