Artist Employs Acrylic Hemisphere To Give Clarity To Desert Dream

[two_thirds]There’s something cool coming to the scorching Black Rock Desert this summer. Like any artistic endeavor worth pursuing, it started with a dream and a desire to turn fantasy into reality. Thanks to perseverance, resourcefulness and a little luck, the artist’s vision will be realized in late August of 2015.

The artist known as “SkullDougery” first imagined his heat-resistant habitat back in the fall of 2014. Affectionately dubbed “The Love Mirage,” SkullDougery decided to express himself by making an 8-foot diameter x 16-foot tall observation tower that could be installed as part of the next Burning Man Festival later this summer. The walls display a colorful variety of whimsical and nostalgic circus scenes that will be beautifully illuminated at night. Since “community” is one of the main themes of the festival, what better way to interact with his fellow artists than to have an attention-getting structure that’s sure to be a conversation piece?

SkullDougery turned to us to create a custom, eight-foot diameter acrylic hemisphere to crown his homemade art piece. The 1/2-inch thick transparent dome will give him a clear, 360-degree view of Black Rock City — the temporary metropolis that sprouts up each summer in the parched environs of southern Nevada. Built mainly out of wood, the artist explained, “I wanted to be able to view the festivities from a V.I.P. setting,” so he worked with a builder to integrate a self-contained air-conditioning system into the cylindrical structure. SkullDougery says the unit sleeps eight and will accommodate up to 18 guests.

“The people at California Quality Plastics were very receptive to my creativity. They worked with me to answer every question and offered professional answers from beginning to end.” – SkullDougery

The artist says he is “Very satisfied,” with the dome created by California Quality Plastics (CQP). We have decades of experience working with clients to design custom structures for most any type of application. One of SkullDougery’s most important requirements was that it be produced on time, and CQP delivered.

Like all installations at Burning Man, the Love Mirage will occupy its place for the nine-day event, beginning on August 30. The artist and his fellow adventurers plan to take advantage of their transparent perch to view swirling dust devils by day and constellations at night. Once it’s over, the Love Mirage will be hauled back to the Bay Area for, as of yet, an unknown future purpose. You see, part of the mission and mystique of the event is for participants to “leave no trace” of their visit. Come September 8, SkullDougery’s installation will be just a memory of a mirage.



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