CQP Manufactures Both Plastic Domes & Hemispheres

Forgot your geometry lessons? That’s okay, most people have. A hemisphere is only half a sphere. A globe or sphere requires two hemispheres. A dome is usually shallower than a hemisphere. At California Quality Plastics we make them all!

We stock hemispheres – Click To Shop In Stock Hemispheres – and our stock plastic hemispheres are fabricated from 1/4″ thick, clear acrylic (The 4″ hemisphere is fabricated from 1/8″ thick, clear acrylic.). As the plastic is stretched to make the hemisphere, the leading edge of the hemisphere will shrink to about 3/16″ thick, and the apex (top) may be as thin as 1/16″

Domes are made per order to your particular depth. Please use our RFQ Form to request a quote for a custom dome.

If you are planning to make your hemispheres into a sphere or globe, please let our salespeople know in advance or visit our plastic spheres page for more information.

Plastic Domes & Hemispheres

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Hemispheres ordinarily come with a 1.5″ flange. Therefore, a 12″ hemisphere with a 1.5″ flange would have an overall outside diameter of 15″ (4″ hemisphere comes with 1/4″ flange). We can custom size your flange or ship the hemisphere without a flange. Please specify when placing your order.

Don’t see your plastic dome size? Don’t worry: CQP can custom fabricate acrylic hemispheres and domes up to 8 feet in diameter. Please call 909-930-5535 or email us for assistance with your needs.


Hemisphere Distortion Model

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Size / Price

6″ Diameter Plastic Hemisphere $32.64
12″ Diameter Plastic Hemisphere $47.53
18″ Diameter Plastic Hemisphere $86.07
24″ Diameter Plastic Hemisphere $105.56
36″ Diameter Plastic Hemisphere $269.57
48″ Diameter Plastic Hemisphere $467.50


Our minimum order sizes are $50 for stock products, $200 for customized stock products, and $400 for custom orders.*

*Freight and tax are extra