Words from the President – California Quality Plastics is ready for Prime Time!

Calling all Producers! We are ready for prime-time television.

I have all of my teeth, I don’t speak with a crazy accent, I have no piercings or tattoos, and have never stuck my entire fist into the mouth of a catfish, but let me tell you, the stuff we do here is worthy of reality TV.

Some of you might be familiar with the shows Tanked on Animal Planet, or Fish Tank Kings on National Geographic. You might not know, however, that California Quality Plastics is home to CalAquaria, one of the Country’s premier tank builders.

CalAquaria recently finished a dunk tank for a reality TV show series and will be building another tank in NY later this month for a second show. In fact, just last year we were considered for our own reality series. I think the producers determined we were too serious about our customers, try to avoid high drama and like to keep our personal lives private. Bottom line; we were boring.

Nonetheless, I still think the projects, our staff and daily challenges are worthy prime time entertainment.

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