Bob’s Law of Warehousing

After 30 years of business, one starts to determine there are certain unofficial laws that extend beyond what Murphy taught us.  I call them “Bob’s Laws of Business”. In this newsletter, I will explain “Bob’s Law of Warehousing”.

So after being crammed like sardines in a tin can, you just moved into a new building with ample amounts of “extra” space. You’ve finally got the bull by the horns and there’s no way you could ever possibly fill it.  Really? You blink and it’s full! What just happened?

It’s a simple matter of business physics. Bob’s Law of Warehousing states:

“Matter Expands to Fill all Available Space.”

Just as the universe expands, so will everything in your business. If you have floor space, boxes will be left on the floor instead of put on a shelf. Desks, workstations and assembly areas will spread out to give employees extra elbow room.  You will keep stuff that should have been tossed.  “Hey, we’ve got the space. Might as well store that broken equipment, boat, RV or Aunt Edith’s furniture.”

So when it comes to space, don’t let “Bob’s Law of Warehousing” happen to you.  A little bit of spring cleaning will go a long way.








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