Bob Laws of Business


After 30 years of business, one starts to determine there are certain unofficial laws that extend beyond what Murphy taught us.  I call them “Bob’s Laws of Business” In this newsletter; I will explain “Bob’s Law of Moving”.

Nothing is more stressful and aggravating than moving an office, business, warehouse, or even your own family.  Things always go wrong. The movers are late, items are broken and lost. Muscles are torn, fingers are pinched and nothing fits where you thought it would go.  Pets escape and your parakeet flies away.

These things and many more will happen!  It’s a law!  So to put it all in perspective and set everyone’s expectations upfront, I wrote in Bob’s Law of Moving; “If no one died, it was a success.”  There, that puts it all into proper perspective.  It was a successful move after all.  Share this with your employees and family during your next move.  It might help calm hot tempers.

I hope your next move is a success!


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