A Unique Bubble -Top Plymouth Fury

“Excuse me, you want us to do what for you?“   It’s not every day that a customer wants a giant polycarbonate dome top custom built for his classic, 1963 Plymouth Fury.  As it turns out, our customer Andy Wick is no ordinary guy.  Andy is a member of the Dead Man’s Curve car club of New Jersey, and his classic car builds are head-turning masterpieces.  Andy called us when faced with a convertible Plymouth Fury rebuild where the top was completely destroyed.   For Andy, it was the perfect opportunity for a creative solution, which is why he called us. Andy supplied us with the outline of the finished part so we could shape the bubble tool and perimeter blowing-ring frame to the correct size.  He also told us how tall the bubble needed to be so that he and his passengers would have ample head-room under the bubble.

Ordinarily, when we make a large bubble or dome, the flange is flat.  This dome was more complicated, however,  since the flange had to be contoured to the fit the slight undulation of the front and rear end of the car’s interior.  This presented a unique challenge for our shop, but my talented guys came through and built a blowing –ring to accommodate the curvy condition.

The end results were nothing short of eye-popping.  To see Andy’s spectacular bubble-top Plymouth Fury, visit the May addition of Hot Rod Magazine – http://bit.ly/126X8k8.  Andy’s car will also be featured in the May 19th airing of My Classic Car with Dennis Gage on the Speed Channel. We always enjoy working with our customers to turn their dreams into realities.

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