Acrylic & Plastic Spheres

Forgot your geometry lessons? That’s ok, most people have.

A globe or sphere is a complete ball. We make most of our plastic spheres by bonding two plastic hemispheres together, then sanding and polishing the seams.

Hemispheres can be made in a mold or free-blown.

To learn more about our hemispheres, please visit our Plastic Domes & Hemispheres page. We can also supply you with seamless, injection-blow-molded plastic spheres.

The pros and cons of each method are listed in the chart below:

Plastic Spheres

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Bonded Sphere Distortion Model

Bonded Sphere Distortion Model

When two free-blown hemispheres are combined to form a sphere the profile looks like this illustration. The drawing also shows the contrasting side view of a symmetrical hemisphere vs. a free-blown hemisphere.


Plastic Sphere Construction Pros and Cons:

Method (2 piece)

Hemisphere (2 piece)


Visible Seams

Yes Yes Minimal


Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes

Overall Shape

Fair Very Good Very Good


Up to 96″
Call for pricing.
Up to 72″
Call for pricing.
6″ Sphere with 2.81″ opening / $15.36
8″ Sphere with 3-1/2″ opening / $19.76
10″ Sphere with 3-1/2″ opening / $26.46
12″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $32.86
14″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $57.38
16″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $63.96
18″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $89.68
20″ Sphere with 5-1/4″ opening / $123.06
22″ Sphere with 8-1/4″ opening / $176.04
24″ Sphere with 8-1/2″ opening / $258.00

Our minimum order sizes are $50 for stock products, $200 for customized stock products, and $400 for custom orders.*

*Freight and tax are extra