Acrylic & Plastic Cylinders

California Quality Plastics can fabricate acrylic cylinders from a variety of plastic materials to meet your needs.

We offer both monolithic (no seams) and bonded (with seams) plastic cylinders in a variety of diameters, thickness and lengths.

How we Construct Plastic Cylinders

We manufacture our seamed acrylic cylinders by drape forming a flat sheet in our specially made cylinder molds.

The seam is then bonded with high quality bonding agents, and polished for minimal exposure.

Depending upon the size, some bonded cylinders can be made with one vertical bond joint, while larger plastic cylinders often require two bond joints.

Plastic Cylinders

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Please Note:
Standard Cylinders 22″ diameter and below have a single polished seam
Standard Cylinders over 22″ diameter have 2 polished seams


Our minimum order sizes are $50 for stock products, $200 for customized stock products, and $400 for custom orders.*

*Freight and tax are extra